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Palisade Fence


Palisade fencing, a security wire fence with “D” and “W” section pale provides an effective deterrent to intruders. The two head styles – “D” pale profile, and “W” section pale – for different choice to meet a perceived level of security risk. As effective security fencing, palisade fencing with forbidding appearance, inherent strength and high damage resistance becomes the best choices of protection fencing. Designed with smooth surface, rigidity structure, sharp prongs and narrow pale spacing, the palisade fences are normally considered to be difficult even impossible to climb, straddle, grab and gain foothold. Thereby, it effective deters would to be intruders and trespassers, protects your assets, office and factory from damages.


low carbon steel, stainless steel, hot rolled or cold rolled.

2.75 m.

1.2 m - 3.6 m.

102 mm × 44 mm for fences below 2.7 mm, 127 mm × 66 mm for fences above 2.7 mm .

50 mm × 50 mm × 1.6 mm thickness or 76 mm × 76 mm × 1.6 mm thickness.

1.2 m - 3.6 m

2 mm to 5 mm

hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated with various colors  for higher rust resistance.

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