Security Railing

Our security railings and gates are made from high-quality steel that’s been galvanised with zinc to help prevent rust development. A powder coated finish is also an available option for our steel railings and gates, which is beneficial as not only will it enhance its aesthetic appearance, it will increase its resilience to factors such as weathering and vandalism too. All of our range of fences and gates are available in a variety of heights – enabling you to determine the...

Mesh Security Fencing

Mesh Fencing is a popular type of permanent security fencing and is often seen protecting sites all over the SA. Mesh Fencing offers a high level of security, whilst blending in with the surrounding environment with it’s sleek and modern wire mesh design. All steel Mesh Fencing is made from high quality galvanised steel and is supplied with an extra protective Powder Coating finish. 'V' Mesh Fencing V Mesh Fencing consists of vertical and horizontal steel mesh wires which overlap each other...

Palisade Fencing

Designed to provide security and protection in a wide range of outdoor locations, palisade security fencing can be erected on hard ground like concrete by using steel bolt down posts, or on softer ground like grass, where dig-in posts are set within the ground. Palisade fencing is designed for permanent installation and can also be installed on both level ground and sloping ground which has a gradient no greater than 30 degrees; as it can be assembled to run parallel...



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