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Available to purchase is a full range of wire rolls; including Plain Wire and Barbed Wire. Supplied as a complete length of wire on a roll, both Plain Wire and Barbed Wire allows flexibility in their installation, allowing you to configure your fencing system exactly as you want. The rolled storage allows for easy and space-saving storage.

  • Ready to use Wire Fencing provides an easy to install fencing system, ideal for quickly creating boundaries within your land, or providing fenced sections to contain and protect livestock and other animals.
  • Stock Fencing
    A great all-round wire fence system, that can be used for many different containment functions, namely, cattle and other livestock as well as creating other forest and agricultural perimeters.
  • Equestrian Fencing
    Our Equestrian Fencing is a high tensile equine fencing system,the distance between the vertical wires have been spaced to prevent horses and ponies getting their hooves stuck.
  • Geotextile fabric
    Geotextiles are a man-made synthetic textile that can be used in a variety of Civil Engineering applications.
  • Steel Reinforcement mesh
    Steel Reinforcement mesh is designed to be immersed in the concrete while the concrete is setting allowing for stresses to be transmitted between the two materials, reinforcing the concrete. Therefore, increasing the overall strength of the structure and assisting in the control of cracking.

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